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Tiny island full of history! From a wealthy widow to mysterious capitulation, gunpowder, mines and degaussing.

Most of the buildings on the island date back to the late 1800s, the Russian period. The buildings included storage spaces for mines as well a mine laboratory. In the Finnish period, a degaussing station for ships was located at Lonna. This, in the situation of the 1940s, turned Lonna into a military secret. The equipment of the degaussing station still exists, reminding visitors of the curious past.

Guided tours are available for groups by reservation from May to September. Arrival to Lonna by waterbus service.

Duration of the tour 30-45 minutes. Price: 240 € Max: 30 persons/group

Reservations by email: guidebooking@suomenlinnatours.com

Photo: Teemu Lautamies