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18th-Century Sea Adventure - Cannon Sloop Sailing


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The 18th-Century Sea Adventure offers passengers a historical cannon sloop cruise amidst the fortress islands of Suomenlinna. The voyage is led by no other than the most accomplished Admiral Chapman, who takes the passengers through times in an entertaining fashion, introducing them to the famous fortress and life in the navy. The participants have the opportunity to assist the crew in raising and lowering the sails, and the most courageous ones can join forces with their fellow traveller and try rowing with the oars. The 18th-Century Sea Adventure offers fascinating history and combines elements of drama tour, relaxed ourdoor activity and sightseeing boat cruise. Welcome aboard!

Languages: English (Finnish, Swedish)
Group size: max. 40 people
Start and finish: Halkolaituri Pier, Helsinki or Artillery Bay, Suomenlinna, Helsinki.
Price from: 1500 euros + VAT 10%
Reservations and inquiries: guidebooking@suomenlinnatours.com