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Sailing to Suomenlinna in 18th-Century Style - Cannon Sloop Sailing


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Don't settle for the most common way to get to the famous 1700s fortress, but rather match your vehicle with your destination: travel over to Suomenlinna in style, that is, in the 1700s style! Sailing to Suomenlinna in the 18th-Century Style offers passengers a historical cannon sloop voyage over to the once so mighty Suomenlinna Sea Fortress. During the voyage, the participants have the opportunity to assist the crew in raising and lowering the sails.

The cannon sloop Diana is a replica of the late-1700s cannon sloops, and like its ancestors, it can moved forward using sails as well as oars. Diana is also equipped with a novelty: an electric engine.

The sailing voyage takes the passengers to Suomenlinna, and it can be combined with a guided tour, a visit to the Suomenlinna Museum and/or lunch or dinner in Suomenlinna, for example.

Start: Halkolaituri Pier, Helsinki (a pier approx. 400m North-East from the Market Square and Presidential Palace)
Finish: Artillery Bay, Suomenlinna
Group size: max.  40 people
Prices from 700 euros + VAT 10% / direction (max 1 hour)
Reservations and inquiries: please contact guidebooking@suomenlinnatours.com