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Suomenlinna gained its blue-and -white new name in May 1918, while Finland was torned by the bitter Civil War. Earlier the islands had functioned as a martime fortress, under the rule of Sweden and Russia, altogheter for over 170 years.

The last 100 years in the history of Suomenlinna have been a part of the finnish success story. On the one hand the island have played its role in the Finnish Civil War and after the war as a prison camp for imprisoning members of the Red Guards. On the other hand the history of the fortress is filled with social, cultural and industrial development in Finland. In addition to military departments there have been a police academy, the first aeroplain factory in Finland and a submarine base at Suomenlinna. Suomenlinna has also developed as a residental area and become one the biggest attractions in Finland as well as a world heritage site of UNESCO.

Come and hear about the last 100 years of history at Suomenlinna. During the tour we will get to know about the military past of the islands and the Finnish Civil War and times of the prison camp, but also learn about Suomenlinna as a part of the finnish society and the growth of Helsinki City!

During the tour we visit the cell department of the ones who were sentenced to death during the prison camp.